Preparing Future Faculty and Professional Program

The IU Indianapolis Preparing Future Faculty and Professionals program builds on the Preparing Future Faculty (PFF) model to include graduate students and postdoctoral fellows who are interested in pursuing both academic and non-academic careers. PFF is a national program developed to support graduate students to cultivate the skills needed to become an effective faculty member. This program targets competencies in teaching, research, organizational/professional and service areas by providing scholars to choose from the two tracks: 

  • The PFF track provides participants targeted seminars and hands-on activities related to research, teaching and service.

  • The PFP track provides career awareness, and management through outcome-based activities for the versatile use of their degrees.

In order to be awarded with the program certificate, the candidates must:

  • Apply and be accepted into the program
  • Attend the PFFP orientation session
  • Attend and participate in specific events/workshops targeting the four competencies (teaching, research, organizational/professional and service) for minimum of 12 hours. Eligible events can be found in the PFFP Program Plan.
  • Complete a capstone essay that provides an opportunity for the scholars to reflect on their experiences throughout the program.

Upon completion, the scholars receive PFFP certification and a digital badge to boast on their professional profiles online.

*Indiana University School of Medicine Ph.D. students cannot begin the PFFP program until they have selected a permanent Ph.D. program and joined the laboratory of a permanent faculty mentor, typically in the second year.