Doctoral - Research Student Data

Chief Academic Officers of the Association of American Universities (AAU) issued a statement on September 12, 2017 regarding doctoral education data transparency. They stressed the importance of providing prospective and current students with easily accessible information. To that end, we have been providing doctoral education data since Fall 2017.

AAU Statement


Doctoral - Research Student Demographics

In Fall 2023, 890 doctoral (Ph.D.) research students were enrolled at IUPUI, which is 10.5% of the total IUPUI graduate and professional student body. The following tables break down Ph.D. student data into different categories.

Race & Ethnicity
African American798.9%
Asian American647.2%
Two or more races222.5%
Indiana Resident38343%
MSEP* Recipient
*Midwest Student Exchange Program

 Time to DegreeYears
Health Sciences**5.3
Humanities, Education, Law and Social Sciences5.9

*Science, Engineering and Medicine
**Dental, Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, Medicine, Nursing, Public Health

In 2022, 70% of our new PhD graduates earned >$60,000 in their first year post-degree completion.

Pie chart of primary financial support for PhD studens

Discipline AreaStipend Range 10-month  appointment*Stipend and
Tuition10 or 12 Month
Length of
Health Science Medicine$16,400 - $26,250ProvidedAmount and credit hour limits varyPrimarily 12 month1 - 6 years
Humanities, Social Sciences, Arts$12,600 - $22,000ProvidedAmount and credit hour limits varyPrimarily 10 month2 - 5 years
STEM$18,000 - $24,000ProvidedAmount and credit hour limits varyPrimarily 12 month1 - 6 years

*Range of student stipends in fall 2021. Academic programs in Indianapolis support a mix of Graduate Fellowships, Research Assistantships, Teaching Assistantships, and Graduate Assistantships to varying degrees. Graduate students with honorary awards, recruitment fellowships, or federal funding typically received stipends at or above those listed.

Average stipend overall for Indianapolis graduate students with academic appointments in 2021-2022 was $19,823 over 10 months with a 50% FTE appointment. That year, the average stipend for Indianapolis graduate students with a teaching assistantship was $23,454, for students with a research assistantship the stipend was $22,408, and for students with a graduate assistantship the average stipend was $17,507

Compare the cost of living between your city and Indianapolis by using this cost of living calculator

The following data is taken from the 2022 Survey of Earned Doctorates.

Pie chart of postgraduation status

Pie chart of postgraduation employment